We have lift off!

The BruzZ is in our hands and ready to launch. Now comes the hard part, trying to get them to market and into the consumers hands.

There are never any set rules for launching a new product, least of all a unique product like the BruzZ nail brush but we are 100% confident that we have a great product that works amazingly well and is useful………..as we always say “onwards and upwards!”

One thought on “We have lift off!

  1. July 25, 2015

    Tania Reply

    I’ve just bought a Bruzz and I’m really impressed.
    It’s just what I needed, it’s compact and fits in my bag easily, especially now you can either use the softer bristles or the firmer ones depending on your nails.
    It’s a mini manicure in minutes!
    I’m so pleased with this handy little brush that I’m going to buy one for my husband too!

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