Designing a new product.

We all knew that designing a brand new product from scratch would never be easy and that we really wanted to make a difference and a big difference to the world of Nail brushes.

Everyone knows their limits and art was never one of our strong points at BruzZ!

We employed a design Company (E3 Design) and discussed our requirements and that’s where it really started to take shape. Until you have a 3D drawing in front of you it is so hard to imagine what your product is going to look like, let alone what it will perform like! Will it actually work? Can we actually manufacture this cost effectively? Is it even possible to make this brush?

Just a few of the thousands of questions that go through your head at the beginning of the endless road of product design.

Getting from the point of the first drawing to having a prototype in our hands took over 18 months. It’s certainly never going to happen quickly when you are striving to make the perfect product and we do believe that with the help of E3, we have achieved near on perfection in the art of cleaning nails.

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